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Patterns could be found everywhere in home decor, just like kitchen backsplash, window treatment or walls. If you have decorated your home’s indoor many times with patterns in different forms, you must want to bring them to your patio, backyard and garden. And the best outdoor place that can serve as a canvas to put patterns is FLOOR. A patterned floor can make your home’s outdoor look just amazing.

1. Spice up the patio floor with giant rose pattern:

Image via: flickr.com

2. Decorate the downspout landscape in an artistic way, just making pebble flowers:

via: proudhomedecor.com

3. Before filling stone pavers inside, create the spiral border with stones or bricks:

by artists: Johnny Clasper    Image via: mymodernmet.com

4. These golf balls are a fun and pretty way to provide color, texture, and interest to path and flower beds:

5. Sprinkle blooming stone daisies, sunflowers and buzzing dragonflies across your garden bed:

Image via: etsy.com

6. Create a welcome path with a mosaic flower to your backyard:

via: pinterest.com

7. Choose different color river rocks to create a magic pattern in the shape of fan:

I can not find the Tutorial, but you can check the tutorial on how to “Create a Pebble Mosaic”: finegardening.com

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