22 Long Hairstyles that Rock Your Style

Winter is here, and getting warm is a given. Long hair, in a way, can provide subtle warmth to the ear and neck area, though not too much. To state the obvious, it’s a style that should lean into the season: a fabulous long hairstyle that won’t disappoint all day long.

How is it going to be? Besides celebrating the festive winter with new nails and sparkly decorations, you can have a unique taste for your hair to make for that fresher look. Since we understand your needs, check out the ideas of creating your favorite long hair below to get you started.

1. High, Split Pony

A ponytail can be hyped up once you know the trick. A tall, split pony gives off an exciting look that doesn’t seem boring at all. Play along with the method to aim at the base of the knot as tall and centered as you can, and slowly build that cool, split effect.

If you have long, straight hair, you can use the split pony style with high knotting. This hairstyle gives a pretty and attractive appearance.

Even wavy hair matches the split high pony style, express it with the center bangs to make it look more perfect.

High ponytail will make your appearance look more attractive and not boring. Sleek hair will make your hair style more stylish and neat.

If your hair has high ponytails, then you can combine them with cute braids.

Glossy black hairstyle with high ponytail style will make you look more elegant and stylish. Besides this style is also not boring.

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2. Undone Side Braid

Aim for a more playful side braid instead of a regularly tight one with an undone side braid. Instead of looking messy, your new side braid is effortlessly gorgeous in a conveniently casual way. Start braiding below the jawline before loosening the parts according to your preference.

Braid your long hair neatly and regularly, and braid it on the side to make it look more feminine and comfortable.

Put your braids on the side of the face that are equipped with bumpy side bangs to get a younger and interesting look.

Braid your hair from top to bottom, and arrange on the side to get the perfect and extraordinary feminine style.

Side braids with straight ends give your look more style. Add with blonde hair that matches your face.

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3. Bedazzled Hairpins

Put your dazzling hairpin collection (we strongly suggest sparkly, silver ones) into use by placing them neatly on the bang or side of the head. Although most hair trends skip hair accessories, you can go for the unusual with this eccentric yet sophisticated look.

To look beautiful for your hair style, use some attractive pearl hair clips for you to try. In addition, this hairpin can decorate your hair in winter 2019.

Interesting ideas for hairstyles, you can add gold hairpins attached to the front. This style will make your hair look neater in winter.

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To straighten the back hair, use silver hairpins with small knick knacks to make it look glamours.

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A beautiful hairdo with triangle hair clips will make your hair look neat. Pair with rainbow hair to get a chic look.

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