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Family gatherings, magic holiday decorations, the aroma of Christmas pine, cinnamon, and orange… Christmas is a great time for most of us. But it is also always crazy busy between all the holiday parties, shopping, gifts, family traditions, and the list goes on and on! And budgeting can get out of hand. So you need some life hacks to to make your life easier and more enjoyable during difficult and stressful times.

Christmas hacks not only make your life easier during the holidays, but some clever DIY crafts can save you a lot of money on home decoration and gift. No matter how many life hacks don’t feel much, as long as they are useful. What do you think? Have a look these 22 Money Saving Holiday Tips and Christmas Hacks!

#1. Drawed tableware and decorations, as well as the easy to clean features, make brown kraft paper a great table cloth choice for big holiday meals:

More details at: lemonthistle.com

#2. How Santa left such white, glittery and snowy footprints?

Check out the Instructions at: littlehiccups.net

#3. Use ribbon to hang Christmas ball ornaments from a light fixture to get a Christmas chandelier:

See the full Tutorial at: brassyapple.com

#4. Tree clippings are one of the most frequently used Christmas decoration. There is a simple way to extend those fresh greens. Just wrap the cut stems with wet paper towels and tuck into a small baggie:

More details at: missmustardseed.com

#5. Reuse and paint your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen:

More details at: nolagirlatheart.wordpress.com

#6. Dress up your walls for the holiday season using removable fabric wallpapers:

Use a paste of cornstarch and water to make temporary fabric wallpaper.

See the full Tutorial at: eastcoastcreativeblog.com

#7. Pretty cool lollipop yard stakes just made from a few of dollar store items such as Paperplates, Cellophane Wrap and Ribbon:

Check out the Instructions at: loricurie.wordpress.com

#8. Use a $1 tin foil serving tray to catch all of menorah’s drips:

#9. Wrap a large box in wrapping paper to use as a trash bag on Christmas morning:

so that you have a place to throw out all the crumpled wrapping paper.

More details at: chicaandjo.com

#10. Use pool noodle to make a giant wreath with Christmas ball ornaments:

See the full Instructions at: sweetpickinsfurniture.com

#11. Putting a jar beneath the candle in the hurricane vase will save you a lot of filler:

Image via: passionatepennypincher.com and thriftydecorchick.com

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