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If you’re planning a mermaid birthday party, these 29 Magical Mermaid Party Ideas will have you throwing the best party ever!

Every little girl wants a mermaid party for their birthday and we can totally see why. There are so many fun ideas for a mermaid theme party, especially these 29 Magical Mermaid Party Ideas!

Everything from the pastel color palette and under the sea party decorations and desserts to the pretty party supplies, birthday cakes, and food, girls everywhere, small and big, want to celebrate their birthdays with this awesome party theme.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are many fun DIY party ideas for a mermaid theme. Dress up some cutlery, make your own easy mermaid party food, or DIY a birthday crown or party favors for the perfect DIY mermaid party ideas.

You can even enlist the help of your daughter and her friends. They will have a blast making all things mermaid for the big event!

Here are 29 Magical Mermaid Party Ideas that are not only beautiful but creative too!

Mermaid Party Supplies and Decorations



Mermaid Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

Mermaid Party Ideas


These Clam and Pearl Cookies are an awesome idea for a Mermaid birthday party! There are so many creative mermaid party food ideas you can incorporate into your party.



Sea Water - Mermaid Party Drink


Offer your little mermaids some “Sea Water” to wash down all of the delicious mermaid party food and desserts.



Mermaid Party Food Table Idea


We love this pretty Mermaid Dessert Table with the creative balloon backdrop and table cover! What a creative idea for a party decoration.



Gorgeous Mermaid Birthday Cake, Desserts and Backdrop


Wow! This gorgeous Mermaid Birthday Cake is absolutely stunning! All of the mermaid desserts match the party decorations and cake perfectly.



Mermaid Under the Sea Cake and Desserts


From the cute Under the Sea cupcakes to the adorable cookies, the Mermaid Cake and Desserts really make this mermaid birthday party one to remember!



Coral Candy - Mermaid Party Ideas


Rock Candy or “Coral Candy” is a great addition to your dessert or candy buffet! All you need are some clever food names and ideas and your food table will be a hit at your mermaid birthday party!



Magical Mermaid Dessert Table Ideas


Talk about a magical mermaid party! This dessert table features exquisite desserts and an amazing cake and backdrop.

We’re loving all of the pretty mermaid party supplies and pastel decor for this mermaid birthday.



DIY Mermaid Party Sign


This Mermaid Party Sign is perfect for directing guests to your magical mermaid birthday party! You can even DIY this party sign if you’re feeling crafty!



DIY Mermaid Tiara for a Mermaid Birthday Party


The girls will absolutely LOVE this DIY Mermaid Tiara! You can even have a Mermaid Tiara Making Station and have the kids make their own at the party!

What a fun party activity for the girls and they double as party favors. It’s a win-win!



Starfish Sandwiches - Kids Mermaid Party Ideas


If you’re looking to stay on budget for your mermaid party, make these easy Starfish Sandwiches.

What a cute and clever mermaid party food idea the kids will just gobble up!



Seaweed Mermaid Party Food Idea


Green grapes on a stick are the perfect “Seaweed” for a mermaid party! What a fun and super simple party food idea!



Seaweed Spinach Dip - Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas


This “Seaweed” Spinach Dip is another creative idea for a mermaid birthday party!



Mermaid Cupcakes


This Mermaid Cupcake is beyond PERFECT for a mermaid or under the sea birthday party!

Not only are they beautiful but we’re sure they’re super yummy. Your little mermaid and her friends will absolutely adore these cupcakes.



Mermaid Rice Krispie Pops - Mermaid Party Food


How adorable are these Mermaid Rice Krispie Pops? Plus they are easy to make and the girls will LOVE them!

There are so many easy and fun DIY party food ideas for a mermaid party theme!



Mermaid Party Ideas - Driftwood Pretzels


Driftwood Pretzels are another clever idea for snacks at your Mermaid party.

Check out the lifesaver around the vase too! It’s those little details that set your party apart from the rest!



Shark Gummies for a Mermaid Birthday


Since your party theme is all about Mermaids Under the Sea, why not add these  Shark Gummies to your dessert or food table?!



Decorate a Treasure Chest - Mermaid Themed Party Ideas


One of the hardest things for any mom is coming up with a fun game or activity for your child and their friends.

No worries if you’re planning a mermaid or under the sea party because the kids will have a blast at the Decorate Your Own Treasure Chest station! What a great party activity!

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