5 Easy Polish Nails Design Ideas

If you want to beautify your fingernails, but do not feel like a hassle? There are easy polish nails design ideas. Not only they do not take too much time nor require hard work, these fall nail art design ideas can still make your fingernails look beautiful. Slightly effortless, but still worth it? Yes, there are such things.

Here are the 5 examples of polish nails design ideas that are hassle-free. After this, no more excuses for being too lazy to beautify your nails:

1. The sunset ombre.

Ombre is one of the easiest choices here. It is always a trend and you play with the gradient color combinations. For example, a combination of soft orange and lavender, which is almost similar to the hue of the sunset.

Nail designs with an orange color with a combination of yellow and a little glitter to create a beautiful sunset atmosphere.

A beautiful nail designs with a combination of pink, orange, and yellow colors to inspire your nail polish.

An attractive nail design with a combination of blue, orange and yellow colors to create a sunset illustration with an ocean background.

Image source

Amazing nail design with a combination of orange and yellow colors complemented by coconut tree accents for illustration of sunset on the beach.

Image source

Stunning nail design with a combination of orange and yellow colors with a significant color difference to look more attractive.

Image source

2. The glossy navy nails.

Actor and singer Selena Gomez is known to love wearing her fingernails this way. The glossy navy nails are among the simplest polish nails design ideas. Green or blue, this style can still look good on you.

A fabulous nail design with a glossy navy color that looks simple but is perfectly clean and elegant.

Glamorous nail design with a shiny blue color and a little sparkling accents to add to the impression of glamour.

Image source

Beautiful nail design with a glossy navy color and glitter accent on one of her nails to inspire your nail polish.

Image source

Charming nail designs with blue galaxy colors for your latest nail polish style.

Image source

A brighter navy color gives the impression of a passionate young person.

Image source

3. The Hawaiian flowers.

A little bit of pattern on the nails is still possible for an easy polish nails design. The trick for this fall nails art is to use the same colors for the background and the pictures. For example, dark green for the background and the flowers plus the black outline.

Nail design ideas with a combination of navy, light blue, and white colors filled with floral accents to inspire the hawaiian flower style.

Image source

Nail design ideas with light blue as a base and red for flower accent colors to make it look stylish.

Image source

Hawaiian flower nails design with flower nail art with a combination of orange, yellow and green colors for your latest nail polish ideas.

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