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Who says you have to have long nails to get a proper manicure? Who says you cannot have them short to make them look neat? You can still do so much with your short nails. In fact, you will have no problem typing or picking things up without claw-like fingernails. This fall nail art is more liberating that way.

If you want to know how to have the neatest short nails, here are the 5 best examples:

1. The checkered tips.

Black and white never goes out of style. These checkered tips will look just fine with your short nails. You can even match them up with almost any outfits to wear, as long as they are not patterned.

Plaid nail art looks simple but still amazing for a beautiful woman’s style.

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Short nails with a grid design look simple. Add some plain nail designs so that you will look amazing.

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Black and white are neutral colors. Use a checkered nail design with a combination of white and black so you will look more fashionable.

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Plaid nails with a combination of white and black for short nails look simple but still amazing.

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Combining plaid nail designs with plain nails will improve your appearance so it looks more unique.

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2. The minimal gold.

Since there is less space on your fingernails, the minimal gold is a perfect choice for fall nails art. You can start with a glossy coat base, before adding the golden lining across your fingernails.

Ombre nails look amazing for fall. Gold glitter will improve your appearance so that it will look more beautiful.

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Colorful nail art designs for women will enhance your appearance so they look amazing. Add minimal gold to enhance the design of your nails so they look amazing.

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Adding a minimal gold accent will improve your nail design so that it will look simple but still extraordinary.

Using a marble nail design with gold glitter accents will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

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3. The light and feathery strokes.

This is another way to make your short nails look artistic and outstanding. With light and feathery strokes, these bold colors and a stark white base remind you of a painting. You can use different color combos, from red and yellow to black and blue.

Short nail art with furry motifs looks unique. Adding diamond bead will improve your appearance so that it looks more classy.

Feathery motifs for your short nail designs will look unique. Adding a diamond accent to improve your appearance so that it will look perfect.

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