Can Curvy Women Wearing Sweatdress for Winter? Here are 24 Ideas that You Can Copy

Sweater dress, also known as “sweatdress,” is making a comeback this winter. Wearing a sweatdress for winter gives you warmth and convenience, along with a chic look. Unfortunately, many curvy women feel that sweatdresses are not for them. 

Sweatdress is a great outfit for curvy women. The outfit hugs the body, accentuating all the curves that must be celebrated. The key is to find a piece that fits well and is suitable for every wearer’s personality.

1. Sweatdress with Boots/Sneakers

A sweatdress is a perfect start for plus size women to experiment with this outfit. You can pick in midi length or above your knee. Choose a model that slightly hugs the body. You can pair the dress with knee-high boots or sneakers for a more casual look.

A trendy winter fashion ideas with a combination of a gray sweatdress with knee-high black boots.

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This light brown sweaterdress with black knee-high boots creates a chic appearance in winter.

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A curvy women that wear a cream color sweaterdress paired with knee-high boot in black can make you look more elegant in winter.

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A gray-colored sweaterdress for a curvy woman combined with knee-high boot makes a charming outfit in winter.

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Fashion ideas for curvy women by using a midi sweaterdress in brown and pair with ankle boots to create an elegant appearance.

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2. Body-Hugging, Long-Sleeved Sweatdress

If you want to try sweating that embraces the body more, try looking for a model with long arms. Extra fabric will give you extra security when wearing hugging clothes.

A combination of long sleeve turtleneck sweaterdress in blue with black boots are a good idea to make your body feel warm. Complete with pearl necklace to enhance your look this winter.

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A curvy women’s fashion ideas with long-sleeved sweatdress in gray combined with pump shoes can give an elegant impression in winter.

A long-sleeved sweatdress with cute stripes on curvy women is suitable to create a body shape. Because the dress is has a body hugging shape so that you can look beautiful.

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A gray alloy sweater dress with a combination of scarves and ankle boots that worn a curvy women can give the maximum appearance in winter.

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A fashion style that used by curvy women with turtleneck sweaterdress and black leggings are very suitable to get a warm impression this winter. Combine with high boot so you can look stylish at the same time.

image source

3. Simple, Cold-Shoulder Sweatdress

If you are not confident with wearing a bright or ornamented sweatdress, try the cold-shoulder model. Even the simplest dress will look more interesting with these pretty shoulder accents. 

A beautiful curvy woman by wearing a sweaterdress with open shoulder can enhance their look more stylish this winter. Paired with pump shoes to complete their look.

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