Drinking Alcohol In Moderation Could Lower Risk For Heart Conditions, New Study Finds

A study out of the UK finds that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol could be good for many heart conditions. However, one study in Japan linked even just a little bit of alcohol to increased cancer risk. So, the jury is still out on how beneficial or detrimental alcohol can be on your overall health.

Drinking Alcohol In Moderation Could Lower Risk For Heart Conditions

Nearly two million people participated in this study where researchers evaluated drinking habits. They found that compared to non-drinkers, those who drank in moderation had a lower risk for eight heart conditions including heart attacks, stroke, sudden heart-related deaths, and chest pain. However, this study found that moderate drinking may not protect against four other heart conditions including milder strokes and bleeding in the brain.

Non-drinkers were found to have between 12% – 56% increased risk for the eight heart conditions and a 33% higher risk of unstable angina. This is when the heart doesn’t receive enough blood flow. Possibly most surprising, however, was that non-drinkers had a 56% higher risk of suddenly dying from heart disease.

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