Micro Trends 2020: The 7 Biggest Styling Tricks

Seeing as the themes from our Spring/Summer 2020 trend report point all signs to “wearability” over throwaway trends, it’s important to think about how micro trends fit into that mix. Micro trends being those smaller, under-the-radar trends that don’t necessarily make enough of an impact to change how everybody dresses. Micro trends seem to pick up fewer followers, maybe those who feel a bit more ambitious to try something outside of their comfort zone without changing their entire style personality. They can also be so much fun to try. Because they more or less boil down to styling tricks, and small additions to your wardrobe, they are super easy to try should you feel like it. 

Taking a scroll through Instagram is the best place to start hunting for micro trends, especially from those style stars who like to think outside the mainstream. So far we’ve seen some quite cosy winter micro trends, a new colour to try, a makeover of an “old-fashioned” accessory, and an another unexpected “dad” trend. Of course, we don’t encourage you to try them all, unless you want to. But if you’re craving a change-up, something fresh for a fresh year that you can easily integrate into your existing wardrobe, keep scrolling to discover the seven microtrends we love and pick a few to try yourself. 

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