The January Capsule Wardrobe That’s Going to Make You Happy

It’s a controversial position to take but I really like January. Gone are the days of making up excuses to not go out (I fully embraced JOMO this year) and you can stop punishing your liver. That said, eating Quality Street before midday is no longer on the agenda, the days are still so incredibly dark, and with no pretty decorations to distract you from where can you derive a little bit of joy? From your clothes, of course.

I’m not suggesting for a minute you should go out and purchase lots of new pieces but rather think about the colours, materials and prints you already own. What truly makes you feel happy when you put it on? I decided to speak to three other editors and stylists whose style I love, on which items of clothing make them feel genuinely happy come 2020. It’s a capsule wardrobe but not as you know it. Keep scrolling for their picks plus my own…

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